Global WiFi coverage growth by 50%

Office manager with tablet pc sitting on palm tree on the Maldivian beach

IPass today announced that its global WiFi network coverage has grown by nearly 50% in Q4 2013, from 1,490,000 to 2,190,000 hotspots, more than twice the size of the nearest competitor.

The iPass Mobile Network currently covers 130 countries and territories as well as millions of other community hotspots across the world.

iPass provides global WiFi coverage to 95% of the world’s top 100 airports (as measured by passenger volume). In addition, Flexinets iPass subscribers can access in-flight Wi-Fi services on many global airline carriers — iPass is available on 2,000 aircrafts representing over 6,000 domestic flights per day.

Enabled mobile workers can access the network on domestic airlines including American Airlines, Delta, United, US Airways, and Alaska Air among others. Internationally, Flexinets iPass subscribers now can access Wi-Fi services options on Lufthansa, Etihad, Aer Lingus and American Airlines.

Over 150 Wi-Fi network operators are connected to the iPass global network. iPass has over 72,446 hotspots in hotel and convention centers worldwide and provides seamless access to premium Wi-Fi services at many hotel hotspots including access at select Hilton, Sheraton, Crowne Plaza, Hyatt and Marriott properties.

Other business venues offering access to the iPass Mobile Network include Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Flexinets subscribers of the Ipass service can now access hundreds of different networks and more than 2.2 million hotspots using a single, secure login based on the user’s existing corporate credentials.

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