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Enhanced Security In The Global Wi-Fi Service

A new layer of security has been added to the iPass Global Wi-Fi service. The Last Mile VPN feature provides enhanced security where the end user is most vulnerable: between the user and iPass’ secure Internet gateway. More than ever, mobile professionals are turning to Global Wi-Fi to perform crucial business tasks. Those include accessing […]

New Versions Of iPass SmartConnect™ Available

New versions of the iPass Global Wi-Fi SmartConnect™ client are now available. These new versions offer enhancements for app robustness and troubleshooting. The new Android version also offers improved usability by adding “silent notifications” to inform users of Wi-Fi status. On all three, we’ve improved inflight Wi-Fi connectivity and user experience, including improved user experience […]

iPass Global Wi-Fi Footprint Expands In India With BSNL

Another 23,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in strategic locations across India, including tourist and heritage sites, public places and in more rural areas will be added soon thanks to an agreement with BSNL. BSNL’s public Wi-Fi services were launched in February 2015. Initially rolling out two Wi-Fi hotspot zones in areas within the city of Varanasi, BSNL […]

The krack attacks and iPass Global Wi-Fi security

The recent key re-installation (KRACK) attacks have received a lot of media coverage recently. These attacks exploit one of the main Wi-Fi security protocols and put your corporate and personal information at risk. iPass Global Wi-Fi offers security against these KRACK attacks and other risks to your data security with the iPass Last Mile VPN, which provides […]

The real reason to be scared this Halloween

In the global network of corporate mobile devices, we can see users connecting to wireless hotspots all the time, without any security measures in place (for example without iPass SmartConnect, Wandera Secure etc). Scary stuff. In fact, research by Wandera shows that the average corporate device connects to 12 Wi-Fi hotspots a day, without any encryption, sometimes automatically – […]

SLocker malware is back. This is how we protect you.

Remember the SLocker malware outbreak you heard about last summer? The one that held Android devices ransom until the user paid whatever the hacker demanded? The threat that seemingly disappeared after only a few weeks? We do. It affected thousands of mobile devices, wreaking havoc on the global business community. But don’t be fooled – […]

Er du i kontrol eller bliver du kontrolleret?

Som du sikkert har hørt, kostede et hackerangreb for nyligt AP Møller Mærsk et sted mellem 200-300 millioner dollars og er bare ét eksempel på de stigende antal af cyberangreb som finder sted verden over og koster virksomheder millioner fordi de ikke aktivt forholder sig til truslen. Spørger du ledende eksperter i cyberkriminalitet, er disse […]

KRACK; all you need to know about the Wi-Fi vulnerability

This week, researchers published information on a serious weakness in WPA2, the security protocol that protects most modern Wi-Fi networks. The flaw in WPA2 allows anyone to break the security layer that is established between a wireless device and the targeted Wi-Fi network, essentially exposing network traffic, including passwords, chat messages and photos to the […]

Insights on how to combat Mobile Phishing

We talk a lot about malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and data leaks. These are important and widespread threats for anyone operating a mobile fleet, but one of the most overlooked but equally dangerous attacks is mobile phishing. Years of hard work to defend businesses against email phishing has left many organizations complacent in staying protected from […]