How to handle 11x growth in smartphone data traffic

The total global mobile data traffic is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 45 percent according to The Ericsson Mobility Report.

Thanks to rising number of smartphones and increasing data consumption per user the forecast predicts a ten-fold increase in total traffic the end of 2021!80percent-growth-in-traffic The global trend in frequent travel and the users preference in app-based mobile use are increasing mobility costs for global enterprises.

Take back control!

Now there is a way of taking back the control of the rising mobility costs.

Flexinets offers a unique global roaming service based on Global WiFi and Mobile Data networks with coverage in 147 countries. In addition a Secure Mobile Gateway cloud solution provides extensive analytics, compression and mobile security.

The Secure Mobile Gateway uses a proprietary compression engine to optimize all content across video, images and text, significantly reducing data usage without impacting users.  You can configure preferences based on content types, destinations, specific groups and where in the world the user has travelled, to control roaming charges.

ROI audit report

Learn more about how to control the rising mobility costs and receive a full ROI audit report based on your actual usage.